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United Healthcare Meta Ibm

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Senior Solutions Programmer

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or remote

Sycle (1 year) Senior Architect Their product line centers around managing an audiology department, clinic or office. Owners and audiologists...

Cloudflare node jquery vanilla js mongodb

Software Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US or remote

GEHA (Full-Time) Front-End Developer July 2022 - Present Leading a small team of developers to manage website...

Cloudflare react node typescript angular

Full Stack Software Engineer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Juice Finance: • Led the development and test launch of both the omega.xyz landing page and the app.omega.xyz lending platform using Next.js,...

Cloudflare react node typescript jquery

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands or remote

I have built various full-stack projects that were built using many popular technologies, primarily Node, React, and Vue. My work consists of...

Cloudflare react node typescript vue

Product-focused Software Engineer

Kingston, Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica or remote

Shift Interactive | May 2018 - Present Lead Software Engineer Building Socialhive, a suite of SaaS products providing small businesses with...

Cloudflare react node typescript vue

Fullstack Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India or remote

Projects: 🔧 Placement Management System: Built a Placement Management System for NIT Durgapur using Django, streamlining the placement process...

Cloudflare react node typescript vanilla js

Software Developer

Sualuang, Bangkok, Thailand or remote

- Develop a chat communication platform for both iOS and...

Cloudflare node typescript mongodb

Vue and Svelte/Kit Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

10 years of experience building websites and interacive apps. Created custom video and audio players, a drawing app, music visualizers, various...

Cloudflare node vue jquery json

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