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Experienced full-stack engineer and UI/UX designer

Las Vegas, Nevada, US or remote

I've been developing products for virtually every type of device, platform and medium since I started coding as a teen. Since then, my apps and...

Expo JS react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Software Engineer

Brantford, Ontario, Canada or remote

As a senior full-stack software engineer, I've participated in different kinds of projects, and products for different industries, from...

Expo JS react node typescript angular

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Westfield, Indiana, US or remote

Results-driven Full Stack Engineer with over 10 years of experience in developing and scaling software products. Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS,...

Expo JS react node typescript vue

Web Developer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Throughout my career, I have been involved in various projects that showcase my diverse skill set and passion for web technologies. One notable...

Expo JS react node typescript mongodb

Senior React Native / Full Stack Developer

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom or remote

Pseudoface (Aelusive) https://www.pseudoface.com - Fine tuned open source ML model with custom data to enhance output. - Set up Docker...

Expo JS react node typescript nextjs

Software Engineer

Boca Raton, Florida, US or remote

Hey, I’m a well rounded software engineer. I lean toward full stack web dev with experience in React and React Native. I also work on machine...

Expo JS react node typescript vanilla js

Software Developer (Mobile emphasis)

Phoenix, Arizona, US or remote

Hello! My name is Darius Williams and I am determined, energized, and locked in to make an impact in this industry. An opportunity at your...

Expo JS react node typescript vanilla js

Software Developer

Toronto, Canada or remote

Create and maintain Product Backlogs, Specs Documentation. Align goals and incentives across multiple teams, from Proof of Concept to MVP stages....

Expo JS react node typescript vanilla js

Front-end / Mobile / Back-end Software Developer

Jalandhar, Punjab, India or remote

I've been working in development for almost 5 years with a primary focus on front-end technologies. I have done back-end, app development, and full...

Expo JS react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Developer

Oslo, Oslo, Norway or remote

UAV Mission Management System (July 2023 - Present): Developed a comprehensive system for UAV flight management, incorporating AI, web, and mobile...

Expo JS react node typescript vue

Lead Software Engineer

Orlando, Florida, US or remote


Expo JS react node typescript jquery

Software developer

Tunis, Tunisia or remote

My first experience was a mobile developer in a startup and the challenge was that it was just me and another senior engineer on the mobile team then...

Expo JS react typescript angular nextjs

Frontend Developer

Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland or remote

At my previous position I was responsible for developing and maintaining mobile and web applications. I carried out mobile applications...

Expo JS react typescript vue vanilla js

Full-stack Web Developer

Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania or remote

I started freelancing when I was in 11th grade. Being a top level national olympic for the coding olympiad, it was easy picking up new concepts and...

Expo JS react node typescript vue

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