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Senior Software Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts, US or remote

I worked with an early stage crypto token startup on finishing and launching their MVP after the existing developer left the project. I joined an...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Boulder, Colorado, US or remote

ReputationDefender (now Reputation.com) - built MyPrivacy: a scraping and automated removal tool (1 of 3 product planks) - Dynamic zScore based AB...

Polymer JS node vue jquery vanilla js

Senior Developer & Digital Specialist

Arvada, Colorado, US or remote

Collaborated with marketing team to integrate tracking tools like Google Tag Manager and Analytics, enhancing the performance of digital campaigns...

Polymer JS react node typescript vue

Apple & GoPro Software Engineer

San Francisco, California, US or remote

My studies and strong interest in Information and Communications Technology, Computer Science, Social Networking and the web have become my career. I...

Polymer JS react node typescript vue

15+ Years Full Stack/Front End Web and Generalist Developer (JavaScript/Polyglot)

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

Note: it is my full intention that nobody read all of this rambling foolishness about my career. It's best skimmed and maybe ultimately skipped to...

Polymer JS react node vue jquery

Front End Developer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US or remote

My career has taken me through a number of verticals across a wide array of projects: - I was the sole engineer of a design system for Nuix, where I...

Polymer JS react typescript vue jquery

Software Engineer

Lake Worth, Florida, US or remote

DataManagement: Expertise in data architecture, migration, and quality analysis. Proficient in SAP data migrations and ERP data management. ●...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, Peru or remote

BairesDev Feb 2022 – Aug 2022 Senior Software Engineer Work on legacy systems of logistics management companies in Australia and Europe,...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Brooklyn, Virginia, US or remote

Worked at Thinktrends - ML startup Created several micro services, implemented a track changes feature to enable...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Experienced Fullstack Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands or remote

Experienced Fullstack Engineer with 9+ years in software development, specializing in the Fintech industry. 🚀 🔹 Booking.com, Amsterdam -...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Senior Frontend Developer

Vancouver, BC, Canada or remote

As a frontend developer I've worked on teams at small startups, medium sized profitable b2b companies, and one large enterprise. In my last role, I...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Senior Architect and CTO

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Wide experience in JS. TC39 collaborator in decorators specification. Creator of Graphery SVG library. Collaborator with JS...

Polymer JS node typescript angular vue

Senior Software Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

Senior Software Developer Making Science January 2020 to Present • Building large scale SaaS applications and internal tools for international...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Senior Vue Developer

Warszawa, Poland or remote

Currently working as Senior Frontend Vue 3/2 Developer with technologies: Vue 2 and 3 Nuxt 2 and 3 Pinia Vuetify Vitest...

Polymer JS typescript angular vue jquery

Fullstack Web Application Developer

St. John's, NL, Canada or remote

Seasoned software professional with a passion for applying the Unix philosophy and SOLID design principles to distributed systems in order to solve...

Polymer JS react node typescript vanilla js

Front-End Developer

Benidorm, Alicante, Spain or remote

Javascript Developer Alvea Soluciones Tecnológicas Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana I'm part of the multidisciplinary development team of BBVA...

Polymer JS typescript angular vanilla js json

Senior Frontend Developer

Bangalore, India or remote

It seems like I am going to be the first international hire ! As a senior frontend developer, I have worked extensively in HTML / CSS / Javascript...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Alicante, Alicante, Spain or remote

- AirEuropa (Dec 2022-Current) JavaScript Specialist Full-Stack profile developing mainly with Nodejs and Angular. - BBVA (Jun 2022-Oct 2022)...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

MERN Developer

Delhi, India or remote

With 3 years of industry experience, I am confident in my abilities due to my extensive experience working on a variety of projects, ranging from...

Polymer JS react node typescript angular

Vue and Svelte/Kit Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

10 years of experience building websites and interacive apps. Created custom video and audio players, a drawing app, music visualizers, various...

Polymer JS node vue jquery json

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