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Software Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US or remote

GEHA (Full-Time) Front-End Developer July 2022 - Present Leading a small team of developers to manage website...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript angular

Senior Frontend Developer

Austin, Texas, US or remote

I have worked for product companies and web agencies, as well as a freelancer. Some of my work can be viewed at...

SvelteKit JS react node vue vanilla js

Senior Frontend Engineer

Tomball, Texas, US or remote

Hi, I'm a senior frontend engineer based in Tomball, Texas with a focus on both frontend and full-stack development. My skills include React,...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Cary, North Carolina, US or remote

Software Engineer | Remote | July 2020 - Present • Lead the end-to-end software development for BuddoBot, specializing in JavaScript, TypeScript,...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript angular

Full Stack Web Developer

Ponte Vedra, Florida, US or remote

Bringing to the table over 17 years of expertise, I am a dedicated web developer with a flair for crafting dynamic web solutions that propel business...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stac Software Developer

Lynchburg, Virginia, US or remote

CACI International Inc. Rome, NY (Remote) FULL STACK SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Feb. 2021 ‑ Present • Secured extended contracts and funding for CACI...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Software Engineer

Susteren, Limberg, The Netherlands or remote

Solutions-oriented full-stack software engineer with 8+ years of experience and highly proficient in multiple programming languages. Primary focus on...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Experienced full-stack developer with over 8 years designing, developing, and implementing web applications. I specialize in translating business and...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vue

Full stack developer

Newcastle Upon Tyne, North tyneside, United Kingdom or remote

As a developer, I have created several projects using SvelteKit, Pocketbase, Capacitor, ThreeJS, and React. At Oglofus Ltd, I developed a...

SvelteKit JS node typescript svelte

UX Developer at Freelance

Amman, Jordan or remote

My playground is usually startups who have a glimpse of an idea, and would like to develop a minimum viable product with the least resources. As...

SvelteKit JS typescript angular svelte

Senior Lead Frontend Engineer | Urban Mobility | Geospatial platforms

Valencia, Spain or remote

A dynamic full-stack engineer known for architecting cutting-edge frontend applications in the urban air mobility domain. With a solid background in...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vue

Web Developer

Kigali, Rwanda or remote

I am a software engineer with experience in developing and deploying web applications using various technologies such as Sveltekit, Django, React.js,...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vanilla js

Web Developer

Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico or remote

I've developed web projects ranging from landing pages to complex web apps using modern web technologies, with the user experience as my first...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vanilla js

UX/Full Stack Engineer

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras or remote

My Smart Menu - E-commerce built with Svelte and SvelteKit for restaurants. It started out as a very fast menu, but then progressed into a full...

SvelteKit JS node typescript vanilla js json

Frontend Developer

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines or remote

Worked as a Front-end Developer/Web Designer for Promediafire, a design agency specialized in creating web graphics and websites for churches and...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript angular

Lead Web Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

Some writing samples: Sample 1 - https://www.wahid.one/blog/protected-buddy-system Sample 2 - https://www.wahid.one/blog/protected-fingerprinting...

SvelteKit JS react node typescript vue

Vue and Svelte/Kit Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

10 years of experience building websites and interacive apps. Created custom video and audio players, a drawing app, music visualizers, various...

SvelteKit JS node vue jquery json

Fullstack Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India or remote

I have been an active member of open source community. I create multiple tools, which include: 1. Camouflage: A backend library to create mock...

SvelteKit JS node typescript jquery vanilla js

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