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Senior Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

I'm a senior software engineer in New York with experience in frontend and full-stack development using technologies such as react, node, typescript,...

JSX react node typescript vanilla js

Front End Developer

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Mid Level UI Developer, One Network Enterprises • Building reusable MVC components for ONE’s Single Page App - Command Center using React,...

JSX react angular jquery vanilla js

Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Prudential Financial, Inc., Software Engineer Oct 2022 – Present | Newark, NJ • Built a micro-frontend (MFE) web framework, achieving UI...

JSX react node typescript vanilla js

Front End Developer

Madison, Wisconsin, US or remote

InspireBOT 3000: Quote & Image generator using Open AI’s API and UnSplash’s API for Hackathon A functional motivational app using OpenAI's...

JSX react node vanilla js

Front-End Web Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Including my portfolio, I have created seven websites to demonstrate my comprehensive understanding of JavaScript, modern CSS, React, HTML, and Node....

JSX react node jquery vanilla js

Software Developer

Annapolis, Maryland, US or remote

homie.mobi - https://homie.mobi/ Fullstack business website with database, checkout component, domain search functionality while maintaining a...

JSX react typescript mongodb json

Web Developer

Everett, Washington, US or remote

I am looking for new projects to expand my skill set and experience. Some of my current projects include. Task Smasher- Task/Notes/Priority App -...

JSX react node vanilla js mongodb

Front-end Developer

Barcelona, Spain or remote

I'm a Barcelona-based front-end developer and graphic designer. With a background in graphic design and a passion for web development, I specialize...

JSX react node vanilla js nextjs

FrontEnd developer / JavaScript developer / React developer

Kaunas, Lithuania or remote

February 2022 — January 2023 AVA.codes Front End React developer NDA project Developed functionality for web form in a Single-Page Application...

JSX react typescript vanilla js json

Front end Developer

Tunis, Menzah, Tunisia or remote

Improve code quality through regular code audits ,achieving a significant reduction in duplication rate to less than 7% ,with the removal of •...

JSX react typescript jquery json

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