24 Best Shopify Developers For Hire In June 2024

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Senior Software Developer

Grand Junction, Colorado, US or remote

15+ years of professional developer experience creating line of business applications for small and medium sized businesses. Extensive experience in...

Shopify react node typescript vue

Web Designer, Web Developer (Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, WooCommerce, Drupal), Graphic Designer

Miami Beach, Florida, US or remote

Experienced professional in the advertising and marketing agency industry. Renowned for my exceptional ability in helping businesses get ahead and...

Shopify jquery json

Frontend Engineer

Chattanooga, Tennessee, US or remote

Accomplished web developer with 8 years of experience in building and maintaining high-performance websites. Skilled in leveraging cutting-edge...

Shopify react node typescript vue

Staff Frontend Engineer

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Staff Frontend Engineer (2017-Current) - Led team of 7 frontend engineers and helped guide approaches to new applications and set standards / best...

Shopify react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer & Technical Manager

New York, New York, US or remote

Freelancer with over a decade of experience creating websites and web apps for agencies, small businesses, and enterprise...

Shopify react node typescript jquery

Front End Developer

San jose, US or remote

Companies Worked For: Bright Mind Enrichment Role: Frontend Developer Duration: July 2023 – Current Location: NY, USA Achievements: Reduced...

Shopify react node typescript angular

Senior Software Engineer

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada or remote

Results-oriented Software Engineer with expertise in Python, JS / TS, and PHP, adept at developing robust solutions for both Windows and Linux...

Shopify react node typescript angular

Front-End Engineer

Austin, Texas, US or remote

Faced with the challenge of improving UX on our website searches, I integrated ChatGPT API into our search bar using React.js & Next.js improving...

Shopify react node typescript jquery

Web Developer

Saint Paul, Minnesota, US or remote

Broadcast Data Integration - AWS CDK, Python, TypeScript, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB ● Architected an AWS CDK solution in collaboration with the...

Shopify react node typescript json

Front End Developer

Honolulu, Hawaii, US or remote

I have helped a couple of start ups transform from an idea to having a product that has garnered attention. The two that mostly come to mind are...

Shopify react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Charlotte, North Carolina, US or remote

I have built numerous Full Stack Applications with several different frontend and backend technology stacks. Most recently I built HT Jobs, a job...

Shopify react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Westminster, Colorado, US or remote

Most recently I’ve created a coupon tracking app for a chain that does offer it. I utilized Google Vision API to extract data from users image...

Shopify react node typescript jquery

Web Developer

NYC, New York, US or remote

3+ years of professional experience as a web developer, implementing various consumer-facing frontends and also working on internal...

Shopify react node typescript vue

Senior Fullstack Developer

Chisinau, Moldova or remote

JavaScript fullstack developer, leaning towards frontend. With 3+ years of experience, I am interested in startup to medium sized environments...

Shopify react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Vue Developer

Warszawa, Poland or remote

Currently working as Senior Frontend Vue 3/2 Developer with technologies: Vue 2 and 3 Nuxt 2 and 3 Pinia Vuetify Vitest...

Shopify typescript angular vue jquery


NEW YORK CITY, New York, US or remote

Hi, I'm Liam! 👋 I am an experienced front-end developer and multimedia designer who specializes in creating engaging front-end applications. I...

Shopify react node typescript vanilla js

Front-end Developer | Open Source Contributor | Project Management

Singapore, Singapore or remote

Growth-oriented Web Developer with 3+ years of experience working in JavaScript, React, and Next.js using Scrum / Agile methodology that drives...

Shopify react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Frontend Developer

São Paulo, SP, Brazil or remote

Frontend developer, specialized in creating modern and efficient web solutions, with NextJS, Typescript, TailwindCSS and Styled Components. Owner at...

Shopify react typescript vanilla js nextjs

CTO / FullStack Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

Usually, I build MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) + nextjs, koajs, AWS, and MySQL applications. I have advanced knowledge and experience in...

Shopify react node jquery vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina Republic or remote

Hey! I'm Manuel, a full-stack developer from Argentina. I focus on two things, fast pace of development and results. I like to ship fast and often. I...

Shopify react node typescript nextjs

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